Boost Your B-12 Levels

Turn to us for vitamin B-12 injections in Bozeman, MT

Have you been feeling fatigued? You might benefit from one of the vitamin B-12 injections we provide at IV4Wellness. B-12 deficiencies can lead to problems like insomnia, depression and irritability. Weekly B-12 injections might be the solution you need.

We offer B-12 shots with MIC, an extra fat-burning boost. These are typically weekly procedures. You can get five for $100 or $25 each, with the fifth one free.
MIC boosts are $35 each or five for $140.

You don't have to come to our center to experience the effects of our B-12 shots. We attend corporate events and visit gyms to provide B-12 treatments in a convenient way.

Call now to ask about the vitamin B-12 injections we administer throughout Bozeman, MT.

Improve your mood and raise your energy levels with B-12 shots

You'll be amazed at the benefits B-12 shots can have on you. These injections may have the ability to:

  • Lower your cholesterol
  • Help with allergies
  • Clear fat cells
  • Boost your metabolism
  • Improve your sleeping habits
  • Suppress your appetite
  • Eliminate toxins
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