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Get IV hydration when you need it most in Bozeman, MT

IV hydration has never been more convenient. IV4Wellness can put on events for your friends or coworkers to promote health and well-being. Our trained nurses set up every event we do and administer IV's in a safe, sanitary procedure.

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Give everybody a boost with our mobile IV therapy

By using mobile IV therapy, you can make sure that no one has to worry about getting dehydrated. Are you a gym owner looking to help your members feel their best? We'll hold an event at your gym, letting members get discounted B-12 shots.

We can set up IV drips anywhere you need them, from wedding IV drips to marathon IV drips. They're also great for corporate events, where we'll charge a flat rate for a certain number of employees. You can even arrange to have an IV drip station at your bachelor party to help everyone avoid a nasty hangover.

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