I had been interested in trying IV4wellness for sometime, and took the opportunity before a long endurance race. It was one of the best things I could've chosen to do and will continue getting treatments before long races. The staff is all very professional and well trained in administering the IVs! Thank you all for the great service you are doing in Bozeman!!

Heather Sipes-Tucker

Very convenient, friendly, comfortable, and a great way to get a healthy boost for your body!

Christina Dear

This IV hydration really works! I had a lot more energy and creativity after my treatment. I highly recommend it for anyone feeling even a bit rundown or dehydrated.

Lori Newman

I've been dying to try IV therapy for a long time. I am so excited to have these innovative wellness services in Bozeman! CLEAN, CLASSY, FRIENDLY, and LOCALLY OWNED AND OPERATED!!

Casey Edwards

Professional, courteous, and cutting edge!

Matt Stepan

Put a little pep in my step.

Elizabeth Larson

This has been so helpful for recovery from workouts, sickness, and as well as easing pain when having endometriosis symptoms. Plus the staff is amazing!

Danielle Jacobson

They did a fantastic job! I am so thankful they have the option to just do the B-12 injection!

Alisha Marie Mattheis

Staff is professional and courteous. I felt amazing after a Recovery IV

Rob Dynan